Quick Sync Me

Quick Sync Me is an online cloud service used to transfer files and plain text between users. Unlike other cloud services, it is privacy focused and uses peer-to-peer algorithms to facilitate data transfer between users. 

About the Idea

The idea came to mind when I was sending files back and forth from my PC to my mobile, I felt that the process would be more intuitive If it was direct i.e. not having to upload my files to some database and download them back again, something like Bluetooth or Airdrop technology. You might ask then why not use those technologies? Well Bluetooth is mature, but the time to setup and the bitrate limits makes it good to send a few images but not any kind of large files across. On the other hand Airdrop is a well formed technology but, well it only works with Apple devices. Having said that those technologies are made for close proximity transfer, nothing like cloud storage/transfer. Combining these ideas with a security and privacy centric approach had me to create Quick Sync Me.

An insight of the technologies used:

  • Vue.js (Front-end reactive framework)
  • Bootstrap (CSS framework)
  • Python – Flask (Back-end microframework)
  • MongoDB (Database for storing session information)
  • Web Sockets (Socket.io)
  • Nginx (acting as a reverse-proxy and load balancing to Gunicorn WSGI HTTP Python Server instances)
  • WebRTC (for peer to peer file transfer)

Quick Sync Me is now in beta stage, give it a try!